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"The ultimate geo-fencing alarm"


√ Wakes you up to get off train no matter it arrived earlier or delayed. 

√ Warns you when entering a high-crime area or dangerous spots. 
√ Remind you locations need attention such as speeding camera, special speed limit on certain section of a road, highway exits etc.


The elegant and fool-proof design made it extremely easy to use, while the app also introduced a Smart GPS setup with significant battery improvement while maintaining great location accuracy.

"A better Gmail app than Gmail."


√ Touch ID and Passcode protection with strong keychain security. 

√ Real-time PUSH notifications with badge, subject preview and custom ringtones in various volume. 
√ Multi-login supported and super FAST account switching

... and Numerous features made it a perfect app for Gmail lovers around the world.

Ever wonder when will the next bus arrive and which bus route to choose? Do you prefer waiting it at the stop or a snug coffee shop nearby?


With the xtBus app you can visually pin-point the location of every incoming buses on map as well as an accurate estimate of arrival time. Even better it is FREE!


5-star Reviews

"Very good app. Very handy and easy. Like lots of helpful features."


"Nice, quick, easy, google style... What else?"


"I'd be lost without it!!!!"

5-star Reviews

"This has saved me on numerous occasions!! I LOVE this app to death."


"Spend less time at the bus stop and more time in safer areas by knowing exactly when the bus will be arriving."


"This is the most helpful app on my phone!!!"

5-star Reviews

"I use this app for my 6 yr old special needs daughter! It works really good for her! She loves it!!"


"Great because you can control what the kids watch, how long, and the volume. I highly recommend it for all who have kids all ages."


5-star Reviews

"Simple game, good feeling, true relax. I am #1 today."



Over 100 hours of safe and fun videos for your kids, with powerful parental control done remotely. New videos are being added every week!


In addition to the video filtering options, the app also has a video timer which lets you set a time limit for video viewing. This encourages your child to take breaks while they’re watching videos and prevents them from being sedentary for extend periods of time. You can also remotely lock the app, view your child’s watching history and add language filters to your settings. 

Pudding Invader is a simple yet challenge puzzle game that all you need is to poke and watch puddings popping in-a-row, in-a-square or in-a-combo-chain. Now you can also challenge other players online and reward yourself with real cash.



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